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Auto Insurance Info Driving a car without having auto insurance is akin to playing Russian roulette. You can never be sure when you might have an accident. It is mandatory in all of the United States to have minimal coverage before you take out your car on the road. It is for your own safety and financial well-being that states have imposed such laws. Consider having to pay hefty damages in case you rear-end to another vehicle. Auto repairs are an expensive business. It is better to have car insurance to cover the costs. Coverage is also available in case of bodily injuries and property damage caused by you. Learn the Vocabulary You will hear two terms frequently used in the auto insurance industry. These are premiums and deductibles. Premiums are the monthly payment you make to your car insurer in return for keeping the insurance coverage. Deductibles are the amount of money you will pay in case of a collision. This is usually in percentage points. A 20 percent deductible in a $1,000 claim will result in you paying $200 while the rest is covered by the insurer. What is Covered? It is important to know the extent of coverage before you sign up with an auto insurer. You will be generally covered for: Repairs Legal fees Medical coverage for the injured Coverage against theft and vandalism Property damage Types of Auto Insurance 1. Liability against Bodily Injury What would happen if you hit a person during a bout of careless driving? That person can sustain serious injuries and you will also face legal repercussions. Bodily injury liability will get you covered by paying the medical bills and loss of wage dues for the injured. It will also pay for the legal fees and other overheads. 2. Liability against Property Damage There are two aspects of property damage. One is the damage done to the other car in a collision. Second type is the damage sustained by public property such as street signs or lamp posts. You will be required to pay for repairs of both. Getting an insurance cover thus becomes even more important. 3. Collision Coverage What about the damages to your car in a collision? You cannot pay for repairs out of your own pocket. This is where the collision coverage enters the picture. Your insurer will pay for repairs even if you were found responsible for the collision. The insurer will recover expenses from the other party if they were found liable. 4. Comprehensive Coverage Can you insure that your car will never get stolen? Installing anti-theft devices can reduce the risk but cannot eliminate it. You need to have comprehensive coverage in order to avoid legal and financial hassles. This type of coverage also guards against vandalism and weather-related damage to your vehicle. 5. Personal Injury Coverage No one can afford expensive medical bills emanating from car injuries. It is thus a good idea to get personal injury coverage. It will cover you and other passengers in the car against bodily harm and will pay your bills in case of injury. 6. Uninsured /Underinsured Motorist Protection There is a chance that someone with minimal coverage or no insurance will hit your vehicle. While you can always demand repairs, you might not get it due to other party’s lack of coverage. This calls for having uninsured/underinsured motorist protection. This will protect you against such events. Do not underestimate the importance of auto insurance. Getting full coverage will help you protect your life and vehicle. Here you can get cheap auto insurance online.
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