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Here, from Fox News are the six most important questions you should ask you insurance agent before you sign up for home insurance.

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Homeowners Insurance Info Homeowners insurance can help you protect against natural or man-made disasters. Anything could strike your home and you would be left high and dry if there was no financial assistance available. A lightning strike can start a fire that could result in total damage. Fires started by gas explosions or electrical short-circuits can also result in a similar fate. Tornadoes and windstorms can also cause massive damage to your property. Man-made disasters manifest in the form of thefts. What if your home gets broken into and valuables are stolen? How will you cover for the losses? Getting homeowners insurance appears to be the only solution. It can help you eliminate your fears about natural or man-made calamities and live a satisfied and happy life. Here’s a site that shows you how to get cheap home insurance online. How can you get Coverage? You will be able to get homeowners insurance by contacting the respective agents in your area. The company will send an assessor to your property. This person will prepare a report based on the location of your home, natural hazards, type of construction and presence of fire exits, among other things. You will be sent an insurance quote based on the assessment of your property. What will it Cover? Homeowner insurance does not protect you against everything. It will be hard to get coverage against earthquakes and floods, for example. You can however get full coverage for: Lightning strikes Gas fires Electricity fires Tornadoes Windstorms Thefts Vandalism Types of Coverage Dwelling Coverage This type of coverage will enable you to repair or rebuild your home. Assessment of losses caused by fires or other calamities is made by the insurers and claims are processed accordingly. Other Structure Coverage Did lighting strike a shedoin your property? Was the fence damaged in a windstorm? These are detached parts of a home and covered in other-structure insurance. You will be able to process claims if able to prove the losses to the insurer. Personal Property Coverage What about the loss of appliances, furniture and other household items? You need to be reimbursed for these items as well. This is where the personal property claims come into play. You can get these claims by contacting the insurer and presenting a list of damage to personal items. Loss of Use Coverage Repairs could take time and loss of use coverage come in handy to provide for your residence at a temporary place. The insurer will pay for the rental accommodation and utilities. Complete rebuilding of the home can take a year or more and this type of coverage will provide you monetary relief. Liability Insurance There is also a possibility of you or your family member unintentionally damaging someone else’s property. Kids can start a fire, for example, that could damage neighbor’s home. Liability insurance will protect you against such events by covering these costs. Homeowners insurance is a must-have if you want to avoid financial and legal troubles. The best part is that it is largely affordable if you can find the best insurance quotes.